32oz Anchor 1 Comp Microwaveable Platter

32oz Anchor 1 Comp Microwaveable Platter

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Size: 26.04 x 18.42 x 3.68cm

These (946ml/32oz) Rectangular Black Platters are microwaveable, made with a strong crack resistant material and features curved ridges around the outside to keep it sturdy sealing tight to the lids, preventing any undesirable spills and leaks. Microwaveable packaging with heat tolerance up to 230° F in the microwave or display case. This product is one of the toughest and lightest plastics. Unique design promotes structural integrity. Ideal to be used in conjunction with our Anchor Microwavable Lids [LH710D], featuring 2 holes for ventilation, so your food won't get soggy.

*Lids Sold Separately*

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