Top Food Packaging Trends You Need to Know

In recent years, food packaging has seen a tremendous transition surge. This is because more consumers are buying large quantities of groceries either in person or via online-driven delivery services.

Various forms of food packaging and takeaway containers have emerged including biodegradable food container wholesale, plastic takeaway containers, and many more. Today's advancement in technology has offered several environment-friendly packaging and takeaways options for the working class.

In the food industry, food packaging is relatively significant and hence food packaging trends are changing and undergoing modifications daily.

Yet there are packaging trends that need to be addressed to keep up the game in the food industry. In this article, you will take a deep dive into the top 5 food packaging trends you need to know.

1. Transparent and Clear Labelling

Today the majority of buyers are purchasing a newly launched product if and only it has clear product information on it. Because they want to be aware of what they eat. There is nothing wrong with knowing what is going in your tummy. Though most of the food packaging incorporates information on ingredients, reading the fine print can be problematic.

However, if clean labeling is used while food packaging, it will help consumers in making a knowledgeable purchase. The transparent packaging and clear labeling list of the contents used in the product is a must.

Clean labeling can enable your brand identity and enable consumers in making a conscious purchase.

2.  Personalization

Personalization has become a significant part of food packaging and is emerging as one of the major trends. Nowadays top brands are using printed names to give a personalized touch to their plastic takeaway containers wholesale. Indeed, it is now evolving into a trendsetter.

Manual customization could include the use of customized bags, boxes, stickers, and even gift tags to improve brand recall and appeal.

The future of food packaging design and development promises more customized design packaging to bridge the gap and connect consumer needs and product reality. Consumers want their food and snacks to meet their unique and ever-changing needs and innovative packaging design with a touch of the personal element that can help brands meet the challenge.

3. Eco-Friendly Packaging

One of the biggest packaging trends which have become a game-changer in 2021 is eco-friendly packaging.

From the prohibiting use of plastic bags at supermarkets to replacing plastic straws with paper made in restaurants. A lot of eco-friendly packaging alternatives are starting to make their mark in the market.

Now, most of the food packaging companies have given up plastic and shifted to biodegradable food containers. Another alternative that has become the talk of the town is single-use plastics. Not only has it been proven to be a safer packaging material to use during the pandemic but also a transit-safe plastic takeaway container.

biodegradable takeaway containers

4. Frozen Food Packaging

The food packaging industry in particular has incorporated frozen food packaging applications to an extent.

This implies that there is a huge demand for frozen food packaging items including Shrink Film, Wax Coated Cardboard, Glass, Aluminium, Flexible Bags, Lidding Films, High barrier thermoforming film, IQF polyethylene, and Skin film, etc.

Materials generally used for frozen food packaging incorporate cardboard, paperboard, shrink film, skin packs, and more.

5. Minimalist Food Packaging

Minimalism has evolved as one of the substantial trends in food packaging design. A handful of the food packaging industry has drifted away from impressive and chaotic designs and has adopted simplicity with clear labeling and packaging approach.

This trend of packaging not only brings out the product’s value and does not outweigh customers with flashy graphics and artworks.

If you keep the design simple and minimal it gives a fresh look to the product. The food packaging bags looks clean, neat, simple, and reviving. However, it also facilitates the cost of your manufacturing process.

Wrap up

With various food packaging trends surging now and then you can experiment with food packaging bags and plastic takeaway containers. In this way, you can make your product packaging appealing to the target market and potential customers.

No matter what category of packaging you choose, make sure your food packaging connects to your offline customers online and makes your overall product marketing.

Its high time for food preparing services to opt for newer and eco-friendly food packaging services at the earliest. Not only would this result in better customer satisfaction but also aid in boosting up sales for your business as modern food packaging services are the need of the hour.

The best food packaging services offer a wide range of biodegradable food containers, takeaway containers, and the best food packaging bags in the UK for all types of foods.