Benefits of Using Biodegradable Food Packaging

Benefits of Using Biodegradable Food Packaging

Based on the study report conducted by National Geographic, people around the world produce more than 80 million metric tons of plastic packages globally. Out of which only 14% of those plastic packages are recycled.  

As people are seeking packaged food products to tackle their busy lives, the amount of plastic packaging waste will rise steeply in the near future. As of now, more than 10 million plastic food packages that are lightweight and floatable are released into oceans annually.

Concerning the environmental pollution caused by plastic food packaging, the European Commission took a strong decision to ban single-use plastic from the year 2021. Following that food packaging suppliers in the UK are now taking essential steps to switch over to biodegradable food packaging like aluminum foil containers, paper bags, Cornstarch packaging, and so on.

For those who are still unaware of the benefits of using biodegradable food packaging, this article elaborates on the benefits offered by biodegradable food packaging for nature & humans and also for businesses.  

Benefits of Biodegradable Food Packaging for Nature and Humans 

1. Harmless to the Health

Plastics are the most common mode of food packaging followed by companies around the world. The plastic material used for packaging contains a harmful chemical substance called Bisphenol-A which is responsible for causing cancer disease among humans.

Now with the usage of biodegradable food packaging material, companies can avoid materials having toxic chemicals and utilize natural materials for packing food products that are 100% safe to use for all ages of humans.  

2. Reduces Carbon Footprint

With the rising global warming awareness, businesses should have environmental goals as well. Converting the food packaging mode into biodegradable would ensure the company meets the high standards of eco-friendly compliance.

Eco-friendly packaging is purely made up of recycled waste materials which reduces the consumption of planet resources.

3. Doesn’t Poison The Earth

Unlike plastic materials, biodegradable food packaging materials don’t harm our earth. The materials used on biodegradable food packaging can be completely recycled and easily decomposed; also the materials can be used as plant fibers.

As per the studies, a plastic bottle takes around 400-500 years to decompose but a biodegradable food packaging material takes only 90-180 days to decompose.

Benefits of Biodegradable Food Packaging for the Businesses

1. Lower Production Costs

When compared with the old traditional way of food packaging method, biodegradable food packaging costs much less. Apart from that, the investment in recycling the plastic waste of food packaging will be eliminated; this gives the absolute advantage for companies in lowering the production cost.   

Besides, utilizing biodegradable food packaging will be more attractive and highly efficient. Moving to an eco-friendly food packaging system will reduce the harmful impact on the earth.

2. Attract Customers

To be successful in every business, owners need to be innovative and bold enough to make quick business decisions. Modern customers especially those who fall in the age group of 20 - 44 give importance to eco-friendly products.

When such customers notice the changes in the food packaging materials as it is highly renewable and biodegradable, they will surely attract and act as an ambassadors and promote it effectively.  

3. Convenient Disposal

Using biodegradable food packaging which is easily recyclable and compostable will simplify the disposal process for the consumers who consume the food items. Often companies using biodegradable food packaging will provide clear instructions on how to decompose the package effectively which eases the worries of consumers.

Also, eco-friendly packaging materials are compost-friendly materials that can be used on plant fiber.

4. Improves Brand Image

With the increasing number of competitors for almost every business in the world, business owners are now forced to do innovative actions and be inactive in all business operations to stay alive. Now, people are gaining awareness of the negative impact of handling non-recyclable packaging waste. So, it is the right time for businesses to convert the packaging mode into an eco-friendly one.

By doing so, it will attract the attention of buyers and offer a positive reputation over the brand image.

5. Versatile & Flexible

Unlike the traditional food packaging system which relies heavily on plastic materials, eco-friendly packaging is pretty versatile and can be re-used easily. Biodegradable food packaging comes in many assortments and various sizes. Also, eco-friendly packages are temperature resistant, sturdy, and safe to use.

Whether it is a liquid or solid food item, there is a wide range of eco-friendly types of packages available in today’s market.

Bottom Line

As people and companies are gaining awareness of the environmental hazards of food packaging, biodegradable food packaging comes in many assortments as per the requirements of the companies. Adopting biodegradable packaging would be the only and promising solution to look towards a safe future for our next generation.

By keeping that in mind, companies around the world must take the necessary steps to switch over to biodegradable food packaging ASAP!   

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