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Wholesaler of Plastic Bowls with Lids in the UK

Spilling, scattering, and leakage of edibles are common problems. Food Packaging Direct presents you with glorious and widely used plastic bowls with lids! These bowls vary from 250cc to 1000cc in size and we have them all. Hinge round, hinged square, hinged rectangle, shallow hinged rectangle containers, and many more hinged containers are on our list. You need it, we have it.

Plastic salad bowl with lids can be used for personal or public usage. Whether it's the office, gym, or picnics, it fits all the needs perfectly. Food Packaging Direct ensures you get a tight, perfect fit, and spill-free box that ropes both hygiene and freshness of the food that you love.

High Quality Plastic Salad Bowls for your Food Packaging Needs

These plastic salad containers are great for packaging salads and sandwiches and are manufactured from superior-quality PET, OPS, and PP. So that you care for the food, and we care for you.

Buy the Best Selling Plastic Bowls with Lids at Affordable and Wholesale Rates

Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective food packaging option to serve your customers? Then, at Food Packaging Direct, you have your solution. Presenting to you our widest range of plastic containers, which prevent spillage, scattering, and leakage of food, enhancing the customer experience.

Purchase from the widest range of plastic bowls available at a one-stop platform.

At Food Packaging Direct, you can find a wide variety of plastic takeaway containers, such as bowls, hinged square, hinged rectangular, hinged oval, hinged shallow, hinged deep rectangular, and hinged salad bowls.

Besides, we have different sizes, like 250cc, 370cc, 450cc, 500cc, 600cc, 750cc, 1000cc, 1100cc, and 1500cc. We have multiple compartments (up to 3) container plastic boxes if you want to serve multiple dishes alongside.

Safe and Secure: Bowls Built from High-Quality Materials

You don't need to worry about the plastic salad bowl purchased from Food Packaging Direct because we ensure that every plastic bowl is built from high-quality plastics. Our plastic salad containers are built using superior-quality PET, OPS, and PP.

These containers are highly durable, making them suitable for takeout, delivery, and stacking. Here are the other features of our plastic containers:

  1. Disposable
  2. 100% food-safe and non-toxic
  3. Oil, water, and moisture-resistant
  4. Sushi Containers
  5. Perfectly and tight-fitting lid
  6. Available in different attractive designs and professional looks.

Plastic containers: Buy today and cheap rates!

Food Packaging Direct is a one-stop solution for all your food packaging needs. We support a wide range of plastic products, including sauce containers. Choose your favourite plastic container today and expect your order to be delivered at the earliest (within 1-2 days).