Christmas is Coming, So Get The Takeaway Food Packaging You Need!

Christmas is Coming, So Get The Takeaway Food Packaging You Need!

Christmas is just ‘round the corner, and for food businesses, it means a new hoard of customers who’d prefer having their food packaged to share with their loved ones. If you are a food business owner, it’s vital to prepare well in advance and keep a ready stock of takeaway food packaging boxes. To get one step ahead, ensure you give out custom printed packaging to demonstrate your brand colours and bring the Christmas spirit alive. 

According to recent trends, many people nowadays prefer takeaway containers rather than eating at a food joint, especially during the holiday season when every place is too overcrowded, and a lot needs to be done in a little time. Takeaways offer the option of flexibly eating while getting the important chores done, while shopping, during meetings or just while driving from one place to another. As a result, most restaurants, cafes and food joints have attractive takeaway food packaging in the UK, which help their customers remember them for long. As a customer, you would certainly remember about a food joint whose packaging allows you to eat with ease even while riding a car than someone who’s just packaged your product in a plain cardboard box. That is why attractive takeaway food packaging is a need of the hour to shine as a food business on Christmas this year.  Here’s how you can make your takeaway packaging the best and most remembered in town.

1. Custom-Printing

Embossing your brand’s logo on every packaging box or packet, sculpting the packaging with different designs and colours to celebrate the Christmas spirit, printing unique messages, quotes and holiday wishes on the packages or simply sharing amazing food tips or food combinations is a great way to grasp customer attention and make them remember you for a long time. You can also print thoughtful stories, customer experiences, or unique recipes so that the customers feel like they are getting more than they’ve asked. This feeling will certainly motivate them to buy from you again and recommend your shop to their family and friends. In a way, it’ll give free publicity to your food store.

2. Shun the Plastic and Go Green

Although plastic is indispensable in food packaging, many brands and local food outlets are resorting to biodegradable food packaging in the UK. As a result, uniquely shaped cardboard boxes, paper bags, tin containers, foil-based packaging and reusable packaging containers are gaining wide popularity. This Christmas, why not try to replace your plastic containers with biodegradable ones so that your customers appreciate both your food and your initiative to protect the environment.

3. Adding a Holiday Element

The best way to differentiate your takeaway food packaging and make it memorable is by introducing limited-edition packets that give out the true vibes of holidays. You can have them in the red, green and white Christmas colours, or have something that reminds people of the festive spirit and the wonderful time ahead that they’ll spend with their loved ones. You can even have Christmas artefacts embossed on the packaging or add holiday labels.

4. Collectables

Christmas is all about reminiscing the good times, and what’s a better way to keep your food brand at the front of your customer’s minds every holiday season than giving them something to remember. You can introduce unique packaging this Christmas that can double over as collectables, such as Christmas tree-shaped jars, candy-cane shaped cups and straws, reusable nutcrackers to package the sides with your main takeaway food, or simply wrapping the plastic takeaway containers in beautiful wrapping paper that your customers would love to keep.

5. Personalised Packaging

A bit of personalisation in packaging goes a long way in the food industry. And if you are already making an effort to delight your customers’ tastebuds, why not do something extra to ensure they have a great eating experience too. You can introduce custom partitions or inserts while packing multiple food items to keep things tidy and so that one food item doesn’t muddle up with another. You can also tailor your packages in a way that your customers can easily turn them into plates, cups, or even spoons to eat whenever they wish to.

In a Nutshell

The right packaging is vital to market your food business and helps customers remember you for your food and the additional value you provide them. It’s time to do something different this Christmas, and apart from ordering plastic takeaway containers wholesale from a reputed store, why not also get custom-made packaging items that leave a mark of your brand amongst both your customers as well as the competition. You can order custom food and takeaway packaging in the UK at wholesale rates from Food Packaging Direct, the leading premium quality packaging supplies supplier.

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