Food Packaging – What are the Myths and Benefits

Food Packaging – What are the Myths and Benefits

The food industry has evolved a lot over the years. People have now switched to online food ordering applications, thanks to busy schedules and of course convenience. This increasing popularity has led to food packaging becoming a growing business. But, as much as food packaging in the UK is flourishing, there are some common myths associated with the same. Want to know what exactly those myths are? Well, we are here to help! In this post, we are going to elaborate on the different food packaging myths as well as their benefits. So, let’s begin the read with the myths.

The Expiration Date On Food Packages Is The Day Food Goes Bad

Wastage of food is a global problem, and the fact is that expiration dates on the food packaging make a good contribution to it. Now, the truth is when you are throwing away the food as soon as it crosses the expiration date,  then you are actually wasting a lot of edible food. So, the next time before you throw away the food like that, make sure you make your best judgment before just dropping it off.

If Package Is Not Highlighting the Recycling Symbol Then It Isn’t Recyclable

Do you know what’s unbelievable? It's the fact that people actually think that if the package doesn’t have a recycle symbol then it cannot be recycled. Well, there are companies that don’t actually advertise eco-friendly behaviours while they are actually fostering the same. The real side is that it is actually risky for the companies to claim recyclability because recently so many environmental movements have unfortunate associations that can actually interfere with the overall brand image. So, of course, no company would like to ruin their reputation like that.

Packages That Are marked With Recycling Symbol Can Always Be Recycled

So, just because you see a recycling symbol on the package or product, that doesn’t really mean that the content is recyclable. There must be some text on the package to tell you exactly what conditions are true and whatnot. Even though there is a clear symbol that the product is recyclable, it doesn’t really mean it is recyclable. The fact is that many commodities are actually not recyclable and your local utility won’t accept them. Reason? Well, every city has a different recyclable program, so you basically need to confirm what exactly is recycled or whatnot.

Pay attention to plastic! Even though you might see that plastic is less often recyclable than any other material, still almost all the plastic packages bear a recycling symbol. Now, this is because of the numbers that are indicated inside the chasing arrows known as RICs (Resin Identification Codes) that are basically indicated from which plastic the item is made. So, the recyclers will determine whether to recycle the item or not.

Recycling Labels Are Standardized

So, do you think that recycling labels are standardized? Well, product labeling is a free-for-all and you seriously can’t trust the universal recycling symbol. These are definitely not standardized. Companies need to work on making better labeling to provide users with the correct information that they are seeking and help them make the right choices.

So, now that we have debunked a few common myths about food packaging, now we should hop onto the benefits of using quality food packaging. Let’s find the details.

Proper Packaging Keeps Food Fresh For Longer

Sealed packing of course helps in keeping the food products like - cookies, bread, and fresher when sealed properly. For example - the bread can become stale if they are kept open outside in just minutes. But, when sealed in food packages, it can stay edible for days. So, the fact is that food when vacuum-sealed tends to stay fresh for months and days without getting spoilt.

Proper Packaging Provides Product Protection

Packaging like - aluminium foil containers, helps in keeping the food safe. Of course, no consumer wants to receive a package that has been dented, scratched, or broken. Low-quality packaging materials can destroy the food and ruin the consumer experience. Also, when the food is not packed properly it can affect the shipping process, ultimately leading to failed secure food delivery. This will ultimately ruin your brand’s image and people will surely not be interested in buying anything from you.

Proper Packaging Provides Convenience

Of course, good food packaging provides convenience to both the companies and the customers. Nowadays, people are living a busy lifestyle where almost everyone is literally working. This results in fast-paced lifestyles and leads people to switch to ready-to-eat meals or single-serve portions. This lifestyle has led food packaging companies to produce more food packaging product options. Thus adding convenience to our lives.

Final Thoughts

While there might be many myths associated with food packaging, the truth is that high-quality food packaging is a blessing not only the restaurants or takeaway owners but also to people who are using it. So, go ahead and grab your best piece of food packaging right away.

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