Top Bakery Food Packaging Ideas to Drive More Sales

Top Bakery Food Packaging Ideas to Drive More Sales

The bakery business is booming nowadays, with almost everyone craving a sweet treat and a reason for celebration in these tough times. Today, even those who don’t have a sweet tooth want to try out freshly baked goods with their cup of coffee before beginning the day. The rising competition has made it vital for bakery businesses to establish a distinct brand identity and offer something unique to their customers. Bakery businesses can achieve this goal best through attractive packaging. 

There was a time when all bakery products were simply packaged using disposable food containers in the UK, but not anymore. Nowadays, brands are getting more and more innovative in how they present their products to customers. Foodies today are shifting from their regular bakeries to ones that offer great packaging. If you wish to establish your bakery business, you ought to make your packaging attractive, utilitarian, and infused with the bakery’s branding so that customers not only remember you but can also recommend you to their family and friends. Let’s take a look at some bakery packaging ideas that will help you drive more sales.

Add a Small Gift or Personalised Note

Earning the loyalty of a customer requires you to connect with them on a personal level. For that to happen, you can add a personalized message to go with your packaging or add a little something, for example, a cookie with the main delicacy. You can also put in a ‘Thank You’ note along with a few suggestions on what else they could try the next time they pay a visit. Having boxes with different quotes, tips, or small notes will make them stand out and help you in customer retention while boosting sales.

Custom-Printed Packaging

A great means to attract and retain customers is by offering them something special. If you can’t give freebies, try to make them feel special in other ways. For example, you could take a tip from Starbucks and write a lovely quote for your customers along with their name on the packaging to make them feel good about their experience. Or share some useful tips and tasty combinations through the packaging so that your customers will know you care about them. You can also add stickers listing the ingredients of your baked goodies so that customers know what they are getting before making the purchase. Many a time, customers visit a store for their unique packaging, and you must make your packaging both attractive and useful to drive more sales.

See-Through Packaging

Customers love displaying what they’ve bought, especially if the treats are for kids. Packing in delicious cakes, mouth-watering pastries, and aromatic cookies in see-through boxes can sometimes go a long way in attracting new customers. Although see-through containers are best suited for packaging the tasty treats for the kids, since it gets them excited and intrigued, they can also do well for customers who’d like to offer your delicacies as gifts to their loved ones. Moreover, a treat to the eye will undoubtedly invoke your customers to buy more from you.

Practical Takeout Containers

Introducing practical takeout containers for your bakery food packaging will result in customers deeply appreciating you for the effort. For example, you can add a detachable compartment on the side of your coffee cups for customers to keep their cookies or doughnuts. Or you can have special pie boxes with a sliding tray so that the customers can eat with ease. In short, introduce practical solutions to your bakery packaging so that your customers can appreciate the meal and remember your shop for the helpful packaging.

Lively Artwork with a Premium finish

You can make your bakery boxes entrancing for your customers by adding vibrant colours and customizations that add a distinct finesse so that both your baked goodies and the packaging give off a more premium vibe. It will instantly attract high-paying customers who prefer quality and class in whatever they purchase. You may want to consult a good product packaging designer to discuss hues, fonts and images. It would be better to get different boxes designed for different kinds of products so that you don’t have a one size fits all packaging and your customers, too, feel that they’ve bought from a business that values customer interests.

In a Nutshell

The secret sauce to having a successful bakery is delicious goodies with phenomenal marketing. To get the latter, you’ll need to be innovative with your packaging and have a friendly staff who make an effort to understand what the customers need. Proper packaging can play an integral role in boosting sales for a self-service bakery business without spending money on marketing efforts. Apart from the above-listed tips, try packaging in environment-friendly containers to appease the customers. Remember to buy only the best biodegradable food containers at wholesale rates at any of the leading food packaging suppliers in the UK. We wish you a great bakery sale this holiday season.

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