Welcome to Food Packaging Direct, where you can get premium-quality catering packaging supplies & takeaway packaging in the UK. Popular as one of the most reliable sources of food packaging supplies the UK has to offer, Food Packaging Direct is known to supply disposable to many restaurants, cafes, hotels, and companies. Why buy from us?

At Food Packaging Direct, we provide a wide range of quality catering disposable food packaging and cleaning materials. We are committed to providing the best quality online, also our great services along with competitive prices will help us make great strides in the future.

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High Quality Takeaway Food Packaging in the UK

Our mission is to continue to provide complete satisfaction to all of our customers through prompt and reliable supply of high-quality products and services. We cater to all our customer needs by providing bespoke solutions and sourcing new products to meet their requirements.

Get a Wide Variety of Food Packaging Supplies in the UK

From plastic disposable bags and aluminium foil containers to degradable packaging supplies, Food Packaging Direct is your one-stop hub to buy catering packaging supplies in the UK. We believe in quality before quantity & our products are made only from premium-quality raw materials, forged by the latest technology to provide safe and secure packaging.

Eco-Friendly Catering Food Containers at Wholesale Price

We care for the environment & hence provide Biodegradable Disposable Food Container in the UK. We have carefully manufactured the best quality products which have high resistance to cuts and tear. Forged for our eco-friendly customers, we provide takeout containers, packaging boxes and foil lined paper bags, and even biodegradable cutlery to promote safe and earth-friendly packaging.

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We Believe In Sustainability

In today’s day and age, making environmentally friendly switches is a necessity. A massive 64% of consumers said they could be swayed towards a brand because of their eco-friendly food packaging supplies so not only are you appealing to your customers, but you are taking a step in the right direction when it comes to sustainability.

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