Collection: Cups & Bottles

Food Packaging Direct is one of the most trusted food packaging companies in the UK. Here you can get numerous styles of disposable packaging supplies for your business. Purchasing plastic packaging supplies from us makes good business sense. Here’s how

Get a Wide Range of Selection of Plastic Containers

When it comes to buying the right plastic takeaway containers, we have the ultimate deals for you at the Food packaging direct. We have a wide range of hot cups with creative designs to suit your needs and also durable plastic bottles with innovative lids & clutches to keep your food content safe. We have lids with straw holes in the shape of domes to make your drinking experience fabulous. We also sell cup accessories such as straw, wooden stirrers, and trays to hold cups.

Well known Plastic Cup Suppliers in the UK

As one of the most popular plastic cup suppliers in the UKfood packaging direct provides you with high-quality products. Our products are strong and can with hold great pressure, which makes them safe for storing and transporting food products. We have designed them to be resistant to tears and damage so you can carry your drink anywhere and enjoy it safely.