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Purchase Brown Paper Bags at Wholesale Price in the UK

With the evolution, our packaging style has changed. Today it's the day of brown paper bags. Groceries, food, and almost all the purchasing item go into brown bags. Food Packaging Direct, therefore, offers a wide range of the most eco-friendly and best in quality paper bags.

We have normal paper bags and paper bags with handles in different sizes. From small SOS to XXL SOS paper bags that can stand a good weight. The handles on these bags are made of twisted paper, which adds a unique touch.

When it comes to availability and price Food Packaging Direct has wholesale paper bags in UK. Being the best player in Britain we ensure the quality of our paper bags with handles to remain the very finest.

Get Eco-Friendly Paper Bags at Wholesale Rate

Brown paper bags are becoming increasingly popular and adopted by different retailers as we understand the side effects of plastic bags. Plastic bags, no matter how sturdy, cost-effective, and flexible they seem to be, the main disadvantage of using them is that they are non-degradable and harm the environment.

Since decades of using plastics in every corner of our lives, plastic bags are being replaced with healthier alternatives, like paper bags. Now, paper bags are costly, but at Food Packaging Direct, we aim to provide you with high-quality paper bags at a wholesale rate.

Characteristics of our paper bags

At Food Packaging Direct, you get the largest collection of simplistic yet versatile paper bags. Available in different sizes and colors, with or without a handle, our one-stop platform fulfills your needs. Here are the characteristics of our paper bags:

  • These lightweight bags' sturdy construction makes them perfect for carrying groceries, goods, and other items.
  • Our paper bags with handles are available in two designs: twisted handles and flat tape handles.
  • For restaurant and food packaging purposes, we have a special collection of greaseproof paper bags.
  • Our paper bags are 100% recycled bags, fully compostable and recyclable.

For whom is it a perfect option?

Here are some industries that can use paper bags:

  1. Retail stores, including clothing, grocery, bookstore, and others
  2. Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and fast-food chains can use the grease-proof paper bags
  3. eCommerce businesses can use paper bags as they can be customized, and the products can shipped easily.
  4. Pharmacies and medical stores can use brown paper bags to pack the medicines and hand them over to people.
  5. Speciality stores and gift shops can use paper bags to switch to an eco-friendly packaging option.

Buy Paper Bags Seamlessly

Brown paper bags are versatile and sustainable packaging options that can enhance your brand's image in the audience's minds. As a one-stop platform, you can get every packaging material and option available, even high-quality plastic carrier bags.

Choose Food Packaging Direct and order today. Rest assured, you will receive your order quickly, within 2-3 days and enjoy cost-effective deals.