Biodegradable Food Packaging

Biodegradable Food Packaging
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Food Packaging Direct believes that every contribution counts when it comes to protecting our planet. To help you do your part in saving the environment, we have introduced biodegradable food packaging in the UK. They are easily disposable and 100% environmentally friendly. From coffee cups, bags, boxes to eat ware, we have a wide range of products in this category.

Why Buy Biodegradable Takeaway Containers

Biodegradable takeaway containers are eco-friendly and trendy. They are the new way of packaging and are getting popular in the catering business. Every day more and more companies, restaurants, and cafes are turning to biodegradable supplies to meet their packaging needs.

Get Biodegradable Food Containers at Wholesale

With the reliability and strength of plastic takeaway containers, our biodegradable packaging supplies are known for their durability. They are manufactured using only highly reliable and 100% biodegradable raw materials and top-notch machinery. Food Packaging Direct supplies save you a tedious trip to the Biodegradable food containers wholesale market and provide you eco-friendly supplies at a fair price.


1. Can you use it in the Microwave?

Yes! Our Aluminium food packaging containers which are used to carry semi-liquid or liquid food items like a grave, soup, and so are microwave-safe. You can use it in your oven to heat the food items.

Also, they are 100% environment friendly and safe to carry food items in both hot and cold states.

2. Are These Freezable?

Our Aluminium takeaway food packaging containers and trays are obsolete safe to freeze. They maintain the quality of food as it is.

At the same time, we don’t recommend you to freeze the food items which are wrapped in aluminium foil. Generally, aluminium foils are not suitable to freeze.

3. Can you Please Advise the Dimensions of the Box?

We provide aluminium biodegradable takeaway food packaging in different dimensions. You pick a suitable size based on your food items and requirements.

Here are the lists of bags with dimensions we provide

  • Small Bags – 200mmx180mmx90mm
  • Medium Kraft bags – 250mmx220mmx110mm
  • Large Kraft bags – 305mmx250mmx135mm
  • X-Large Kraft Bags – 245mmx260mmx175mm
  • XX-Large Kraft Bags – 250mmx320mmx220mm

We are ready to provide custom-tailored Kraft bags according to your dimension values. Just contact our customer support team for better assistance.

4. Would They be Good for a BBQ?

Our aluminium biodegradable takeaway food packaging containers are ideal to carry BBQ food items. People or restaurants can make use of it for conducting BBQ parties, roasting, grilling meats.

We offer a wide range of biodegradable takeaway food packaging containers, check those and pick the right size needed for your requirements.

5. Can These be Recycled?

Yes! All our Aluminium based food containers are 100% recyclable and they are well-known as biodegradable food packaging in the UK.

They are fully disposable, eco-friendly, and trendy to pack and carry takeaway food items.

6. Is Biodegradable Plastic Good for the Environment?

Yes! Biodegradable plastics are also known as biodegradable polymers are the perfect alternatives for conventional plastic materials that can be disposed of safely and 100% safe to the environment.

Food Packaging Direct UK is keen on protecting the environment from harmful plastics by distributing only biodegradable.